Storyology: Package It. Pitch It. Promote It. 


I want to drop three “branding” truth bombs on you:

Truth Bomb # 1: If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is not only trying to connect with the right customers, but make sure your brand is not boring, bland, or a bootleg copy of someone else’s, your story matters.

Truth Bomb #2:  The chances that you’ve been approaching brand building from the wrong angle are pretty darn high.

I know, I know, you’ve been taught that a “brand” means having a super creative logo, and a sexy website.

I don’t disagree. I love sexy websites!

Those things are totally important for conveying your message, but, hold up:

What exactly is your message?

And how are you leveraging it to package your services, pitch your brand to the people who matter, and promote it to the world?

Which brings me to *drum roll, please*

Truth Bomb #3: Your cupcakes can be freakin’ amazing, you can be the most insightful life coach on the block ,and your latest app might have the power to change lives, but if you aren’t positioning your business in a way that inspires your target audience to connect with you  on an emotional level, you might be missing out on the clients + customers you really want to attract. Plus key opportunities to crush distinguish yourself from your competition.

So, what’s the solution?

Owning your story. And leveraging the heck out of it. 


These sessions are for you if you’re ready to learn how to…

Package Your Services by getting clear on the emotional value of WHAT exactly you have to offer so clients/customers can show your business some love in the form of sales and engagement


Pitch Your Business by leading with your WHY to show how your brand is unique and maximize emotional engagement.


Promote the heck out of it through showing you HOW you can share your story in a way that will inspire connection and action.


How It Works

Each of our three, 60-minute sessions will focus on a specific area. During the first session we’ll talk about how to package your services, next we’ll zero in on how to pitch your business, and last (but definitely not least!) we’ll create the steps for your promotional strategy.

In between sessions you’ll have funwork to do  that will help you further define how your story is going to help you hammer out the three p’s.

A week after our sessions, you will receive all recordings and  your customized Strategy Map that will contain three sets of ideas for packaging your services, pitching your business, and promoting your brand with focuses on strategic ways you can leverage social media, your web platform, outside events, and partnerships. All of this info will be broken down into step-by-step actions to take.

After our session you will be ready to kick ass, but you’ll probably also be overwhelmed from all of the awesomeness. No worries!  You’ll meet up with me again for a 30-minute follow up session so we can discuss next steps and any questions you may have. Plus, I’ll give you access to my secret list of resources that will help you take action and execute the hell out of your strategy.

Ready to rock?

1. Connect with me here for a complimentary 20-minute strategy chat. I want to learn more about your goals, and see if we’ll be the best possible fit to work together.

2. After receiving an invite from me to sign up Storyology, you’ll follow the special link to make a deposit to save your spot.

3. Funwork time! I’ll send you my customized session pre-work to help you get ready to think big, and dig deep during our session.

4.  Strategy Session Day! We’ll connect via Skype, Phone or Google Hangout.  Bring tea, or a glass of wine, and get ready to make big plans that are immediately executable.  You can have a pen and notebook handy if you like, but no worries because I’ll be recording it all to send to you. 

Your Investment Upon Invitation : $595. Paid via a deposit of $297 upon booking, and complete amount due the day before our last session which means you’ll be billed for one more payment of $298.

Get on my calendar:  Sign up for your complimentary intro chat now:

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